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How much time for a family tree ? It depends on the extent of work and the location.

A classic family tree of a paternal – can be done quite fast, if ancestors did not move often. Basicaly it is 9-10 generations at best, which involves several visits to archives. Weeks needed.

A family tree of (all) the ancestors - is challenging long-term work, but if ancestors migrated a lot, can quickly increase (weeks to months), number of ancestors grows exponentially 2,4,8,16,32,64,128 etc. It is preferable to observe only some lines, for example adding wives to all fathers, looking for their siblings and exploring a mother line as well.

  Paternal line   FT up to 4 generations   Extensive FT of more than 6 generations  GED format 

(Please forgive, these are samples written in czech. To be replaced soon.)

To what time our ancestors can be possibly traced ?

Unless we have noble blood in our veins, generally regarded as a landmark is the 17th century, which is quite a genealogical success. If everything goes well and we have enough surviving archival resources, it is possible to go even further. In most cases, the oldest parish registry kept in the archives are 1648 (the 30 year old war ended in Europe), but there are exceptions in both ways, it is better to expect later years. Often, the parish registers were destroyed by a fire.

tracing ancestors - chances (no guarantee):

1500 - 1599: 10%
1600 - 1699: 30%
1700 - 1799: 60%

My personal statistics – 1000 known ancestors:

1490 - 1499: 3%
1500 - 1599: 10%
1600 - 1699: 40%
1700 - 1799: 47%

Some lines, however, I have had no time to closely analyze.

    Handwriting samples: 1542-92       1622-80       1715-81        1818-45

What kind of archival sources should we use ?

Parish Registers (since the beginning of 17th Century):

Baptism, Marriage, Burial – family records of all kinds (full name, date, address, occupation, godfathers
Biographical data of your ancestors are usually written in old Czech, Latin or German

Cadastral Books (since the 16th Century):

Relates to ancestor´s property. Using both most important genealogical resources - parish registers and cadastral books - gives us a lot of various interesting information concerning lives of our ancestors. Together, they make a great family tree.

Terezian Cadastral Books, National archive, Prague


Background:  Gruntovní kniha městyse Sadské, VS Poděbrady, SOkA Nymburk.